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Jekyll installation

The article I used to build my blog on github pages : Build A Blog With Jekyll And GitHub Pages

Some key commands that I always use and forget :)

  • Site up jekyll serve --watch
  • Local link to visualize the web site : Local jekyll site
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NCraft 2015Videos

I had the chance to attend to NCraft 2015 that took place in Paris. All sessions were recorded and some of them have been published on the web site. Among the available videos, my favorites are:

  • Hadi Hariri - The Silver Bullet Syndrome
  • Evelina Gabasova - MACHINE LEARNING THE F# WAY
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Chess game in Matlab

In april 2015, I followed an excellent Machine Learning course on Coursera. Lectures were given by Andrew Ng and throughout this course the language/development platform used was Octave -an open source alternative to Matlab-.

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Most Popular Coding Languages of 2015

CodeEval has published a ranking of programming languages based on their collected data on coding tests and challenges.

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Novencia TS @ TechDay's 2015 Paris

It is the month of TechDays in Paris. This yearly event organized by Microsoft France will take place in Paris between 10/02/2015 and 12/02/2015. The company I am working for -Novencia TS- will make a presentation on 10/02/2015. The title of the session is Ambient Intelligence & Big Data.

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Microsoft research : 2 impressive projects

This week, I found about two projects realized by Microsoft and I would like to share them:

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NCrunch fails to build Universal App

Sometimes tools that I am using fail and I don't want to dig further - not that I am lazy, simple question of time-. Then I open a new tab on the navigator and start to write my search query with good dose of despair because I have doubts on the fact that anyone wrote about that problem before.

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