About this blog, me

I am a bug farmer. I like algorithms, clean code, design patterns and I have an interest in data science, particularly in machine learning.

I love learning new things and MOOCs are an excellent opportunity. Here are the moocs I completed -I hope that list will get longer with time-.

Platform Mooc Name Instructor Institution
Coursera Machine Learning Andrew Ng Stanford University
Coursera Welcome to Game Theory Michihiro Kandori The University of Tokyo
Coursera Introduction to Programming with MATLAB Michael Fitzpatrick Vanderbilt University
Coursera From Nand to Tetris / Part I Shimon Schocken / Noam Nisan Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Udacity Intro to Data Science Dave Holtz -

Why this blog ?

Multiple reasons :

  1. I have an awful memory, I write some piece of code or find a solution to a problem and then I forget :). This blog lets me write about things I experiment and then recall later easily.
  2. Sharing knowledge. Let me simply put that way, I learnt (and still learning) a lot of things on the internet thanks to beautiful people who share their knowledge and experience. I’ll be glad if I can return the favor.

Blogging software

Before, I was using wordpress hosted on a windows server 2012. I decided in June 2015 to migrate my existing blog to GitHub pages. The migration of all my posts is not finished completely at the moment I am writing this phrase :). I’ll migrate posts piece by piece depending on my availability.

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