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My cat has anxiety issues -that is what the vet told me-. In the morning, when I feed him, he eats as much as he can and very quickly.

He eats so fast sometimes he throws up all. When someone comes to the house the first thing he does is to go to his plate his plate and eat. Well, I narrated all this in present tense but actually it should have been past tense. Gone! All the problems solved! Vet advised me to buy this


Basically, it is cylinder with a lot of holes having different sizes. 3 steps to make it functional :

  • Open it and place the food inside it
  • Close it and set the number of holes
  • Try to teach the cat that he should actually try to move it if he ever wants to eat.

The 3rd point is tricky -on youtube, folks kindly share their experiences-. It took me one hard week to teach him. To conclude, I have this for 1 year now.

  • Before pipolino, he weighed 8.1 kg.
  • After 1 year with pipolino, he he weighs 6.2 kg.

Note : He is really a big cat, he is not a fat cat

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