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I have a list of questions I ask at the end of an interview. Some consultants in my actual project will leave us soon so they are looking for another challenging job.

During morning coffee, I talked about the list I have and I advised them to make their list of questions to ask to the recruiter. They asked me whether they can have T.H.E LIST, so here it is.

Please note that these questions are unordered and may or not be convenient in some contexts. If you decide to use them, make sure it is logical to ask these for the job you’ll be interviewed for.

  • Does the team practice T.D.D ?
    • If no, do you have any unit tests on the project ?
      • If yes, what is the coverage of the project, which unit test, mock framework you are using ?
      • If no, let’s say that you hire me and I propose to you to write tests for the application,what would you say ?
        • If yes, go on with other questions.
        • If no, I don’t have any questions and I won’t work for this project.
  • Do you have automated integration tests?
  • Do you have non-regression tests?
  • What version control system you are using for the source code ?
  • Do you do code reviews?
  • How do you welcome a new arriver ?
  • What is the working environment like ? Open space, cubicles, dedicated offices…
  • What would be the repartition between development, mail, telephone, meetings ?
  • Do you have specs ?
  • Do you have a continuous delivery system ?
  • How many screens your developers have ?
  • What is the methodology you are employing to manage the project and the team ?
  • How do you manage the versioning of the project ? (this little question can give you a lot of hints) about how it works in the house)
  • Which tools you are using to manage the project (time tracking, task planning, bug tracking)?
  • Which tools you are using in development environments ?
  • What are the principal objectives and responsibilities associated to this job ?

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