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In the previous article, of the series on technical interview questions, I shared how my feelings for technical interviews changed as I advanced in my career. I also shared real-life technical questions I have been asked frequently.

I continue the series with the questions I have been asked during an interview I had with a middle sized company which produces HR software.

  • What are the ASP.NET events in the life cycle of a page?
  • Quote 3 http errors and their significations.
  • What is the keyword to make deferred execution for an IEnumerable ?
  • String concat vs stringBuilder
  • Compare SOA and OOP.
  • What is SOAP ?
  • What is a property ?
  • Performance comparison between HashSet.Contains and IEnumerable.Contains
  • Give an example of double lock for critical sections
  • A piece of code that was looping on a enumerable collection and trying to modify it, find the error
  • Difference between interface oriented architecture, aspect oriented architecture, object oriented programming.
  • Given a block of code find out which design pattern is used ?

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