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In the previous article, of the series on technical interview questions, I shared the real interview questions I have been asked for middle-sized company that commercialize HR solutions. I have gone through my mails and found a memo to myself for a series of interviews I had for job vacancy in a small arbitrage company.

It was the best technical interview I had so far. Unfortunately, I failed in the last interview (-I had 3 technical interview sessions with this company-). This is a good example of interview where you learn a lot. Fellow I had interview with has a very solid background and the way he prepared the interview aimed to screen the candidate on different aspects using direct knowledge questions, discussions about a large and vague topics, puzzles etc.

  • Write a method that multiplies 2 integers without using * operator
  • What is the difference between 1 byte and 1 bit ?
  • What is the default visibility of a class ?
  • What is the length of a char in bits ? What about unsigned char ?
  • What is the last element of a chain of characters ?
  • What is the type of the result when you divide an integer by a double ?
  • What is the difference between int and Int32
  • Which of the following types is not a reference type ?
    • Delegate
    • IDisposable
    • Object
    • Int32
  • Which of the following exceptions cannot be caught -_generally_-?
    • InvalidProgramException
    • NullReferenceException
    • NotImplementedException
    • StackOverflowException
  • A unit test lets
    • to test a module via GUI
    • to test an isolated method
    • to test a method and underlying layers it depends to
    • to test the persistence
  • What is dependency injection ?
  • Do you follow any blogs ?
  • What is the last technical book you have read or you are reading ?
  • Difference between Decimal and Double, which one is faster ?
  • How the garbage collector works ?
  • Describe and state the difference -if comparable- of the following notions
    • processor
    • process
    • thread
  • Have you heard about continuous integration ?
  • Difference between struct and class.
  • When you have the following code, the field Id is kept in the heap or in the stack ?
public class User
   public int Id {get;set;}
   var user = new User(){Id = 1};
  • How List<t> is implemented ?
  • Have you heard about C.Q.R.S ?
  • Have you heard about R.E.S.T ?
  • Difference between web service and messaging ?
  • Write FizzBuzz on paper?
  • I have 8 balls. All balls have same weight except one which is heavier. How many weighing should I do to spot the heaviest ball ?
  • Imagine you observed a performance problem on the software you working on. How would you proceed to spot the problem ?
  • What happens at the moment I write on navigation bar and hit enter ?
  • Do Html pages contain images ?
  • Refactor a -heavily damaged- windows forms application.

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