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I had a discussion with a dear friend who is a developer too. He was quite depressed, his hard drive crushed and almost all of what he had on the drive has gone except for the photos that he backed-up on the cloud.

The most disappointing point for him was to lose all of the source code of his pet projects. He uses Git for this pet projects, that I know. What I did not know though is that he did not used a code hosting to save his work. He told me that he always created a repository with git init and worked on that locally.

Folks, stand up right now, go the bathroom, wash your face with icy water, come back, find a remote repository to host your code, set it up and push all your local code to this remote code repository. Then backup all your existing code to several places. You can say, “I don’t care I have coded once, I can redo”. You can’t. Once this code has gone, you cannot see anymore :

  • How ugly was the code you wrote 1 year ago
  • How many wpf binding you did @home
  • How many controller you created for mvc projects
  • How many unit tests you have did
  • How you resolved challenging problems you encountered

Here are some choices you have. I am sure that you can find more on the internet, go ahead and test them first with dummy test repositories, find one that is suitable to your needs and stick to it.

Supported version control systems Name
Git, Mercurial Bitbucket
Git Github
Tfs, Git Visual Studio Online
Git, Mercurial Kiln

NOTE : My favorite is BitBucket :)

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