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Sometimes tools that I am using fail and I don’t want to dig further - not that I am lazy, simple question of time-. Then I open a new tab on the navigator and start to write my search query with good dose of despair because I have doubts on the fact that anyone wrote about that problem before.

On my universal app, compilation was ok on visual studio but Ncrunch wasn’t able to compile it. Strange. I have a billion other things to do , really the timing of this compilation error was chaotic. I searched and I found a comment

This problem seems to be related to how the template shares the App.xaml file between projects in the solution. Visual Studio has slightly different build logic compared to MSBuild when processing a solution as a whole, so I can only assume the difference is »allowing it to work artificially. This is probably how the issue managed to progress as far as it did (the RC build).

The problem seems to be caused in line 441 of Microsoft.Windows.UI.Xaml.Common.Targets, where the XAML source/destination aren’t taking into account the absolute file path being specified for App.xaml:

<GeneratedXamlSrc0 Condition="'%(AllProjectXamlPages.Link)'==''" 

App.xaml has its file path specified differently because it is a solution-level item


The easiest way to solve this problem is to specify a link attribute for the App.xaml file inside the HubApp.Shared.projitems build target file, in the HubApp.Shared directory. This will override the faulty logic and specify a relative path that works correctly with the XAML copying build step. Inside the .projitems file you’ll find the following code:

<ApplicationDefinition Include="$(MSBuildThisFileDirectory)App.xaml">

Replace this with:

<ApplicationDefinition Include="$(MSBuildThisFileDirectory)App.xaml">

Then reset the NCrunch engine. The projects should now build correctly.

That’s it! You saved my day, thanks!

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