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The articles I used to build my blog on github pages

Most used commands

  • jekyll serve --watch
  • bundle install
  • jekyll serve --watch --incremental
  • bundle exec jekyll serve --watch --incremental
  • bundle update
  • bundle exec jekyll serve
  • bundle clean --force

Most used shortcuts

[Title of the link](link){:target="_blank"} 


[Name of Link]({{ site.baseurl}} {% post_url 2015-01-09-Working-with-SQLite-on-DotNet-3 %}){:target="_blank"}
[About page]({{ site.baseurl }}{% link about/ %}){:target="_blank"}

Highlight code blocks

{% highlight csharp %}
// put your code here... 
{% endhighlight %}

Display the text as it is by escaping all

{% raw %}
// the text that you want to display as it is goes here...
{% endraw %}

For more information, you can take a look at this markdown file.

Insert an image

![Coverage results with DotCover]({{ site.url }}/img/2013-04-19-Coverage-of-auto-implemented-properties-with-dotCover/dotnet-coverage-with-properties.png)

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