Machine Learning

Here you’ll find links to useful resources on machine learning.

Online courses

Institution Instructor Name of the course Code
Caltech (California Institute of Technology) Yaser S. Abu-Mostafa Learning from Data  
Stanford Andrew Ng Machine Learning  
Stanford Andrew Ng Unsupervised Feature Learning and Deep Learning  
Carnegie Mellon University Tom Mitchell Machine Learning  
Coursera/Stanford Andrew Ng Machine Learning  
Edx/Berkeley Ameet Talwalkar Scalable Machine Learning  
Udacity Sebastian Thrun/Katie Malone Intro to Machine Learning  
Udacity/GeorgiaTech Michael Littman/Charles Isbell Machine Learning  
Data School Kevin Markham Introduction to machine learning with scikit-learn  
Udacity Sebastian Thrun Intro to Statistics st101
Stanford Richard Socher Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing cs224d

Home pages

Researcher/Team Web address
Andrew Ng
Adam Coates
Sierra Research Team
Yann LeCun
Michael Littman
Charles Isbell

Useful softwares

Software name Notes
Gnu Octave  
Gnu Plot  

Software libraries

Library name Notes

Web sites

What is in it? Notes
Stanford CS229  
Stanford CS294a  
Meachine Learning courses on CosmoLearning  
Deep Learning courses by Andrew Ng  
Read the Web  
Adam Coates and Andrew Ng on Reddit  

Scientific journals

Journal name Notes
Gaussian Process  

Important papers

Main subject Title Notes
K-NN algorithm Discriminatory Analysis unpublished technical report
Spark Spark: Cluster Computing with Working Sets  
Spark Resilient Distributed Datasets: A Fault-Tolerant Abstraction for In-Memory Cluster Computing  
Spark - MLlib MLlib: Machine Learning in Apache Spark  

Nice Articles & Blog Posts

Article name Notes
Simpson’s Paradox  
Deep learning weekly  

Where to get data?

Data Notes
Machine Learning Repository  
the MNIST database of handwritten digit  
Dataset gathered by Michael Stob There are several data sets that can be of interest to test algorithms, includes also UC Berkeley Admissions data (Simpson’s Paradox data) Web Services  

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